Even if the name of our guesthouse may seem unusual, it is just what the most of our guests search: feel relaxed and have a rest in a pleasant place. The name ‘Pleasant Rest’ expresses a serious and high-priority engagement towards our guests that has its origins in our philosophy:

Do our work so that every client enjoys himself, visits us again and shares his positive feelings with other people.

If you have decided to see our guesthouse for yourself, please get familiarized with the contents of our website, make a booking and let us do the rest.

Manažment Penziónu
Príjemný oddych




Address: Penzión Príjemný oddych, Starozámocká 3, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica
Phone: +421 45 692 13 01, +421 915 511 258; Email: penzion@prijemnyoddych.sk; Web: www.prijemnyoddych.sk